What other photographers don't provide.....

As one of the most committed, artistic, honest & experienced wedding photographers in the northern Indiana area, there's no better investment than Dave Thompson Photography.  Filters & trendy, cliche gimmicks are not our style - we will showcase your wedding with timeless poses, candid moments and genuine images that look as good in 20 years as they do now.

We build genuine friendships with our clients, getting to know their friends and families.  We encourage our clients to book an engagement shoot with us because it allows us to get to know each other and begin building the connections that produce great photography, as well as giving you great photographs to use for invitations, thank you cards, etc...

Cute Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Extra Touches

We're here to help you creat the wedding of your dreams! From helping with timeline planning to attending your rehersal to designing your album, we'll be your partner and friend before, during & after your wedding! We absolutely love helping make a dream wedding come true through photos!

Fast Turnaround

Expect ultra fast turnaround for your photos - don't settle for months to deliver your photos. We strive to have your photos is 2 weeks!

Timeless Style

We offer a clean, enduring and sophisticated editing style with a mix of traditional posing, candid moments and environmental portraiture. We pursue timeless images free of trendy filters & gimmicks that will eventually be outdated.

Unlimited Time

We don't believe in limitations, especially on your wedding day. You'll pay one simple price and never have to worry about hourly rates, shot counts, up charges, etc...it's always UNLIMITED!

Two Photographers

Dave & Kelly work as a team so that every moment is captured at your wedding! We make sure every tear of joy and every smile of excitement is caught on camera.


We have over 20 years experience - we'll guide you through your wedding day. You don't want just anyone whose "good with a camera" for such an important event
Dave did such a great job photographing my wedding! He was great at directing us through the chaos and the pictures turned out GORGEOUS!! He came so prepared and knew exactly what to do to get the best pictures. I highly recommend him if you want your special day to be captured in time!
— Bryn (2017)