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Newborn & Toddler

{ Baby Gabe | 12.3.17 } Newborn Pics

{ Baby Gabe | 12.3.17 } Newborn Pics

I always look forward to newborn shoots and this was no different!  It's always so beautiful to see little newborns in their first few days of life and have the opportunity to capture this special time for Mom and Dad.

Gabe decided he wanted to stay awake for the entire shoot, except for this 30 seconds when I was able to catch him taking a quick nap.  Such beautiful innocence!

A few more of this sweet little baby boy!

Adorable little hat on this guy!  Gabe did so well through the outfit changes and studio flashes!  What a trooper.

Baby Boy Swaddled in Blue

{ Miller Family | 11.25.17 } Toddler Photos

{ Miller Family | 11.25.17 } Toddler Photos unbelievably cute is this toddler!  Here we captured Jayden with his arm around his furry teddy bear friend!

Of course, no toddler photo session would be complete without a few shots in an adorable little basket.  Look at the expressions this little monkey has...priceless!

Mom and Dad had a great idea to get out the Christmas lights and let Jayden explore.  It's so much fun watching toddlers play and explore their environments, they are so full of wonderment and learning!

And while we have the Christmas lights out, why not light up the Christmas tree and bring out an even bigger teddy bear to play with!

"Look at me Mom and Dad, I'm your little snowman!"  We spent almost 2 hours working with Jayden in the studio and he never cried one time!  He's such a happy and content little guy.

So happy to be able to capture memories of this most special time in this this families life!