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{ Devree + Joe | 9.30.18 } Engagement Session

{ Devree + Joe | 9.30.18 } Engagement Session

It’s always so much fun meeting a new couple and witnessing the genuine love an connections they share as they are venturing along the path of marriage! Joe and Devree share such admiration and respect for each other and it definitely shows in their engagement photos.

We were able to spend time with them in St. Patrick’s County Park in South Bend at some of their favorite locations within the park!

Of course, the big blue barn in the park is awesome and we had to take a few photos there….

When we saw this long fence full of grape vines, I knew that Joe would have fun collecting a “bouquet” of grape vine leaves especially for Devree….surprise!

Oh, and the covered bridge, yea we had to shoot some photos around there too!

And the big red barn in the background…must have photo!

And last but not least, a short hike through the woods brought us to their favorite foot bridge over a creek within the count park!

Congrats to Joe and Devree for this exciting time in their lives together!

{ Ryan & Alisa | 10.24.15 } Engagement Photos at Oliver Mansion, South Bend, Indiana

We had a super fun time spending the evening taking pictures with, soon to be married, Ryan Pickering & Alisa Stutsman. After warming up to the camera, these two were complete naturals in front of the camera. We spent an hour at the Oliver Mansion and then another hour at the East Race, both in downtown South Bend.  This mansion is really amazing because of the intricate architecture and detail.  The Oliver Mansion has been a landmark of downtown South Bend for a long time and it makes a super setting for photography.  Ryan and Alisa are both in the architecture industry, so it fit them well.  You can tell from the pictures, these two were genuinely happy to be in each others' company! It's an honor to have been picked to be their photographer, and we can't wait to be able to photograph their wedding this coming up October. Cheers to Ryan & Alisa!

{ Chad & Nickie | 05.31.14 } Beach Engagement Photos at Silver Beach, Michigan

{ Chad & Nickie | 05.31.14 } Beach Engagement Photos at Silver Beach, Michigan

We had an absolutely amazing time at Lake Michigan on Silver Beach. The sun was hot and the beach was crowded but we managed to have a lot of fun shooting the engagement session!  Chad and Nickie were recently engaged and are planning on a beach and Caribbean themed wedding, so what better location than this to shoot the engagement pictures.  These two were naturals in front of the camera, they were very relaxed and easy going, which made my job that much easier.  We timed the sunset in order to pull off some amazing and dramatic silhouette shots.  Congrats to these two as they look to a long and prosperous future!