Alissa got in touch with me asking if I would take photos to capture some memories for their family inside their family business. She told me about the family run general store in Union, MI and how it had been started 36 years ago by her father and how closely connected the whole family had become to the business. After all the years of running the store, the time had come to close the business and they asked me to capture some final memories!

I jumped at the opportunity to be involved and to be able to photograph all of them together in this store that meant so much to them!

The kids have grown up in and around this family business and it has become a big part of their lives over the years. I was amazed to hear all of the history and stories dating back to the 80’s when the store was opened. The Wetzel family spent many days and nights organizing and operating the market.

The dining table at the front of the store was the gathering place for many early mornings involving strong coffee, newspapers and visits by many in the community. In a small town like Union, Michigan, this market has become a landmark for all in the community to come for a chat and to buy their groceries!

The grand kids stole the show….these jackets were family heirlooms and worn by the owners children as they grew up in the store…now the grandkids are passing down the tradition!

The little ones had a blast running down the isles of the store and having their family photos taken…smiles on all the kids faces!

These little toddlers were a blast…so darn cute and loving!

Country portrait

I love being able to meet and hear the stories of all my clients….it always such a blessing to see inside their world and be able to capture it in photographs with them!