- How long does it take to get my pictures after the wedding or engagement?
A typical wedding will take from 7 to 14 days to fully edit all of your pictures and get them to you. There are typically 1,200-1,400 pictures taken during a wedding, which means a lot of hours spent editing them all. Some of the pictures will be removed, many will need touched up and a selection of them will have a lot of post-processing done to really make them shine.
- How many photographers do you use during a wedding?
Generally there is 1 photographer (me) and an assistant (usually my wife). We have been working together for a long time and work well together to keep your wedding day running smoothly. This approach also helps keep our pricing low!
- How will I receive my pictures?
The majority of the wedding packages include access to an online gallery to view, download or print all of your photos. This gallery allows you to share directly to your Facebook page as well as other social sites. You can download individual pictures or the entire set. The gallery is completely password protected and secure, so only you have aceess to it. In addition, a CD of all your pictures is provided upon request for no additional fees.
- What about Copyright and printing rights?
Dave Thompson Photography will provide you with a Print Release document which allows you full rights to have any of your photos printed at any printer you choose. I would highly recommend you choose a professional, high quality printing house and shy away from local drugstores, Walmart, etc... as you will not be happy with your results.
- Do you require a deposit and/or contract?
Yes, we request that half of the entire cost be paid in advance in order to secure your requested date. At the time of deposit, a contract will be signed by both of us that outlines the details regarding payments, hours, location, etc... This document is used so that you know exactly what to expect from us! The remaining balance must be paid before you receive your final pictures.
- Do you travel to other locations to shoot weddings or engagements?
Yes, we can travel to just about anywhere you would like us. Typically the travel expenses would be covered by you, but the standard fee structure above would still apply. Please feel free to contact us for further details.
- What about albums?
Yes, we can design and publish an album if you're interested. We utilize a professional printing lab for all of our prints, providing archival grade, long lasting prints and albums that are designed for last over 100 years. Our fees are very competitive and the finished product is a custom designed piece of art meant to pass down for many generations.
Dave, just wanted to tell you Karen was absolutely amazed by how you took all my old pictures and created the collage photo of my life to go with the journal I had written for her. She loved, loved, loved it! And then how you took the new photos of me in my yard was really wonderful and somehow, you got me to smile - something I rarely do, for some reason, when I get my picture taken. What was truly special for me was how you were able to include my oldest daughter in a very special photo, especially as she entered Heaven in 1971. Through my 81 years, I’ve had my picture taken by a professional 5 times and have never, ever been as pleased with the results as I have with your photos. I can’t thank you enough for creating the beautiful keepsake collage photo and portraits for myself and my family.
— Nina (August 2014)