Digital Files vs. Heirloom Albums

You will receive digital files (.jpg) of all of your photos - both standard size (for social sharing, email, etc..) and full size (for printing).  I recommend that you store them in a fireproof safe, in the cloud or somewhere outside of your home - this safeguards your memories in the event of a fire or other disaster.  However, there are drawbacks to having only digital files:

  • Your USB drive will eventually be obsolete & unreadable - tape drives were replaced by floppy disks, replaced by CD's, replaced by hard drives, replaced by Bluray, replaced by USB get the point.  Your album will never be obsolete or replaced!
  • Your favorite photos are difficult to find quickly - if you've ever tried to find your 10 favorite photos on your phone, while flipping through all 900, you know how much of a pain this is.  Albums are easy to open & show off, no hunting!
  • Digital photos look horrible on some screens and better on others - no two monitors or screens are created equal - skin color, brightness, size & resolution never look the same and look downright horrible sometimes.  Your Heirloom Album is color corrected and is printed on high definition, brilliant Kodak photo paper, so your photos and memories always look their very best!

 Albums give you instant, high definition access to all of your favorites, assembled in the perfect order, to guide your viewer through the story of your wedding day!

Ask yourself what you'd rather pass down to your children and grandchildren - a thick handmade, leather covered, personalized heirloom album -or- a tiny plastic thumb drive made in China?  Which can be stored for 30 years in an attic and still be pulled out at any time and passed around for viewing?  As you grow older and begin to cherish your families lineage, you will never regret spending a bit of money on an album.  An album is an investment in the future and a link in your family chain. 

For these reasons, I've hand selected a premium album for your wedding.  They are hand crafted in the US, using museum quality archival materials and are guaranteed to last over 100 years!  The ultra-thick pages are are held together with unbreakable bindings and the images spread across both pages.

There is absolutely no comparing these to Snapfish or other retail book companies.

Standard Album    $675

  • 10" square flush mounted album - images span across both pages
  • Custom designed for you and edited to your liking
  • Museum grade archival materials guaranteed to last 100 years
  • 10 spreads (22 pages) - additional spreads are optional
  • Thick board mounted pages
  • G1 or G2 cover materials (additional material optional)
  • Horizontal or vertical striped cover w/ cameo
  • Stamped foil lettering


  • Each additional spread (2 pages)                $30
  • Upgrade to G3 cover material                     $80
  • Upgrade to G4 cover material                     $100

Protect & Store your Album

  • Premium hinged case w/ cameo                  $195
  • Slip cover                                                      $100

Guest Sign-In Album

  • Personalized and designed using your photos from your engagement session                                       $175